New Year - Change

Well, I sat down and logged into this account looking to post some intelligent, snarky, thought-provoking post.  I was instead greeted by eight, yes - eight, drafts of posts going back to the end of September.  Thoughts, results, musings of things that have long since escaped my mind.  Reading through the false starts did little to spur my memory as to what I wanted to say or where I wanted to go.

I'll admit it; I'm not a good blogger.  I journal more than blog because there is something soothing in feeling the pen glide over the parchment paper.  Writing takes time to conjure up the words and fire the neurons to move the pen compared to being able to rapidly type words as they pop straight out of my mind (mainly due to my poor penmanship and the necessity to take time and make my writing look "purty"...i.e. readable).  Being on-line to blog also doesn't help because of my knack to be distracted by...SQUIRREL!  Sorry...the ease of looking up anything I need to find out or being distracted by a great song on Pandora and then spending time in iTunes checking that artist out.

Writing in my journal on the other hand forces me to take myself out of the online community, into a quiet place at home or outside, and sit there with nothing more than a blank piece of paper, my trusty Zebra pen, and some time.  I'd rather use my Journal to keep track of my daily life than try and split time between that and something more suitable for on-line reading.  Besides, I'm also the kind of person that still wants at least one little shred of privacy in my life as opposed to those who spill their life's story on-line.  Also, if the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it does eventually come and all electronic media are destroyed, lost, erased, etc.; there will still at least be my written account that will hopefully be preserved.  Unless the nuclear holocaust, volcanic super-caldera eruption, direct asteroid impact incinerates everything...

Anyway, you probably won't see too much stuff here anymore.  I've found that there is just too much to enjoy in life to constantly blog about it as in years past and a lot of "life" right now involves more personal choices, feelings, and thoughts.  No, I'm not closing this blog down but I'm just giving the few readers a heads up that posts won't come as fast and furious as they potentially could.  The "cool things" or profound moments that happen if I don't have my journal but do have internet access may be posted here.  Who knows, things might change as the years progress...but I doubt it.  I'm just a man with too many hobbies, many great friends and family, a job that covers all kinds of things, and where 24 hours just isn't enough time in the day.